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Finally, a Practical How-To Guide for Planning and Enjoying a Successful Theme Wedding!

Dear Bride to Be's, Wedding Planners, & Mothers,

How To Plan, Coordinate, Execute, ENJOY and ENSURE A Successful Theme Wedding
Come learn, master, discover and explore what so many bridal magazines and sites cannot offer about Dream and Theme Weddings – answers and solutions!
  • Find Affordable Weddings Ideas, Dreams and Themes Come to Life – ON BUDGET
  • GET SAMPLE THEME WEDDINGS – inspiration and ideas
  • Facts and Questions About Wedding Destinations and Locations
  • Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice for Themed Weddings
  • The Financial Aspects of a Themed Wedding: Budgets, Fees and Costs Shoe-string, Low-cost, Budget-Conscious, Money-Wise, Money-Saving Wedding Theme & Reception Ideas and Suggestions
  • Wedding Planners and Coordinators, Parties and Themed Wedding Details
  • Wedding To do’s, Checklists, Planning Software, Other Theme Wedding Tools and Utilities for Brides, Planners and Families
  • Wedding Showers, Pre- and Post-Theme wedding Parties
  • Common Theme Wedding Mistakes and Pitfalls – DO and Do NOT’s for Theme weddings
  • Seasonal, Spring and Informal Backyard Weddings
  • Theme Wedding Resources and Useful Online Links

Most brides and planners do not know where to start, what to do, where to research their THEME or DREAM WEDDING –
it all starts with little more than exactly that a hope, a dream, a possibly reality, fantasy and SPECIAL DREAM THEME WEDDING DAY PAR NONE!


There are numerous ways this guide and FIVE DAY e-course (see below), can assist you for your theme wedding, planning challenges and more.
If you are looking for something special for this biggest day of your life, that is a little MORE than the rituals, rights, traditions and run-of-the mill wedding, special theme, exotic theme, location or destination wedding, multi-cultural, contemporary, modern, alternative and not the typical cookie-cutter wedding, then this guide will provide useful insights, insider secrets, considerations, questions, checklists, tips, and MORE.
You too can have your dream wedding in no time. Arrangements , coordination and planning for a theme wedding can be rewarding but also jam-packed with to do’s and even mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.
The wonderful power of a theme wedding is it unifying nature. A THEME pulls all the loose strings together into a coherent, comprehensive WHOLE! All of a sudden all loose lists of things to do, buy, choose, synergize, come together and have a common goal/purpose, backdrop and atmosphere to it.
  1. For those brides, moms, planners, family and helpers
  2. Those who do not want a typical, normal or more traditional wedding, there is always the alternative of a theme wedding like Hawaii, Beach, winter, seasonal, holiday weddings.
  3. You too can step out of the mold of what a wedding is, should and ought to be
  4. Get exactly what you want and even more than you and or your guests expect or have experienced before at the ceremony and reception.
  5. It can be more than just that, it can be loads of fun for everyone involved as well, inviting them to celebrate and partake of something very special.
  6. In this guide you will discover all the intricacies, challenges, promise, potential and opportunities, to do, checklists and more to make a theme wedding go without a hitch.
  7. Theme wedding packages and specials, personalized and customized to your style, budget and preference, personal choice is now within your very own reach.
You can do it yourself, or you can get a third party, planner involved to give things that professional flair. There are numerous theme weddings to fit all shapes, budgets and sizes. All-inclusive, resort, exotic island, cruise or extreme wedding packages are at your fingertips, right around the globe. If you want to bring the globe back to your home-town, hall, hotel or backyard, there are options there to create just the right ambience and a theme wedding is the perfect way to orchestrate and ‘stage’ the whole event, including the days leading up to, arrival of guests, pre-event parties, rehearsals, dinners, ceremony, reception and after-parties.
Some theme wedding packages, can even include the flight reservations to hotel rooms for the honeymoon, themed, coordinated outfits for the entire wedding party, smaller package, which includes the chapel service, flowers, and a cake can also be purchased for the budget-conscious or you can DIY all the way as well with great success, if you have the right tools and resources at your disposal. Planning and creativity is all that is required to make this dream wedding a reality.

Tours of the locations and checking out some of the packages they have on offer are all available – take someone with you for that extra set of eyes to note things you might miss, ask questions or check details that you might have forgotten. Lots of time upfront, spent on selecting the actual theme can save you lots of headaches down the road. Time, money will not now be wasted further, they will be optimized to give you MORE time to enjoy the process and not get to entangled in the mechanics and small-details of the process, planning, purchase, reservations and more.
Most basis type theme weddings, bulk, budget, low-cost wedding packages will include most costs for the ceremony itself, including the chapel fee, flowers, and photographs of the ceremony. If you are planning and elaborate and/or larger type wedding, there will be extras to consider and think about – all possible and more plausible with a unifying theme.

For all-inclusive theme wedding packages, you might expect to fork out a little more cash upfront, but it is worth having someone take care of everything on your behalf, from start to finish, so you can enjoy this big day without having to bother too much with the hands-on yourself. Unless you do prefer it of course – then your options are endless and you can customize whatever happens before, during and after your big day to a tee, to your preference, specification and preference.

You will pay more if a professional wedding planner steps in and does everything for you. There are companies and third-party providers, niche specialists, sub-contractor types (musicians, wedding officials, photographers, caterers, bakers and cake decorators, printers and more to consider for all aspects of your wedding.
  • Professional videos
  • custom-made photo albums
  • wedding garters
  • dresses and other wedding party attire
  • wardrobe specialists
  • travel agents
  • flower-shops and arrangers
… and much MORE, can all form part of your total single package.
This will be your comprehensive guide to planning a them all – coordinating it into a whole and totally DREAM WEDDING OF WEDDINGS! MAKE YOUR THEME WEDDING COME TO LIFE!
Here are just some ways that wedding themes, planning, planners and coordinated synergized ideas come together, with option and variety, making decisions, choices like menus, décor, food and drink, apparel, even location, flowers and seating easier!
If you are looking for themes, find more popular, mainstream ideas, themes and expressions like
  • Beach Theme Weddings
  • Bride-centered, couple-centered weddings (smaller functions)
  • Celebrity-style type wedding
  • Chinese Wedding
  • Cultural weddings
  • Destination Wedding – like islands, exotic jungle, favorite city, castle, winery, museum, gallery, historic site etc.
  • Etiquette - socialite type weddings
  • Fall Wedding Theme
  • Fashion or runway-type wedding
  • Holiday Wedding Theme
  • Invitations and Programs
    … and many more.
Once you have a theme picked, other details and finer points of the wedding, planning, coordinating and execution becomes that much easier. A unifying theme can help you opt for things around the theme for any, some or all of the following…GET YOUR THEME WEDDING PLAN KIT NOW, to cover all things wedding day and theme related:
  • The Wedding Party
  • Magical Moments
  • Music and Dancing
  • Parties and Showers
  • Vows and Readings
  • Accessories
  • Cakes
  • Decorations
  • Favors
  • Flowers
  • Planning, them and traditions
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Bridal Beauty Considerations
… and so much MORE!
Affordable Weddings Ideas, Dreams and Themes Come to Life – ON BUDGET, RIGHT HERE. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY.
Mostly people pick themes for weddings to …
  • make their life easier,
  • the to do list more manageable,
    the final product a fantastic, spectacular whole,
    from the smallest to the biggest detail.

    You will have a flawless complete wedding celebration underway, guaranteed and to boot, it will be completely unique and memorable, done for a mere fraction of the cost! IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT AND FOR YOU!

Through the use of a theme YOU for once, are in the position of communicating with your guests, way before the couple and day, event even arrives. It shares with them and all something about you and things that you love, cherish and prefer. It should showcase a little bit of your personality, what attracted you to each other, tell a story of your love etc. If you both love a certain sport, maybe a sport theme will be OK (watch our girls and boys!) or if you met on an island vacation, on the beach, an island or beach theme for your wedding will be perfect, celebrating the first moments you encountered, met and fell in love.

Ahhh, a sunset, sand between your toes, slight breeze – OK, no bikini’s here for wedding-dress OK (unless you are on the beach of course and it is your preference!) All the power to you…Once you have opted for your ultimate personal and overall wedding theme, the backdrop and coordinating, silver thread if you will that will tie in every little detail of your special day, into a spectacular event, all elements can be quite easily and successfully be tied into this one, sole theme with relative ease. There are myriads of products available out there, including the wedding favors and gifts , to make it MORE memorable and coordinated!

Ask and answer for yourself what you would need for your wedding and make the choices according to your theme.

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor, fabric etc. all start to come together nicely in a tidy package, once you put your mind to it.
Think about what and how each decision you make , can make your theme come to life and have this personal wedding event of all time, just the way you want and like it to be.

If you are having and Asian wedding for example, there are numerous sites online and niche providers that can assist you with Asian designs, favors, fabrics, tastes and extravagances, music and flavors to please, tantalize, invite and spoil your guests and the wedding couple with! For the tables and reception, think fortune cookies, chopsticks and take-out boxes, fortune cookie place-card holder, or metallic / silver take-out box that has the names of the couple engraved on it.

Find TWO KEY, illustrative ideas and examples from themed weddings that can also save you some money if you are planning and doing things on your own for your dream wedding on a tight budget

How about flowers being the theme of your wedding – multi-colored, one-colored, two-toned, pastels, reds, pinks, yellow, orange, yellow and green, you name it, there are possibilities!

For favors, tables, décor, decorations, arrangements, even bouquets, candy-holders, place-card holders, candles, tea-lights and candy that are shaped in that particular flower and so on are all doable and requires little effort for maximum impact. Combining themes like winter, holidays and flowers might have you opting for greenery and red and gold colors like bells and holly wreaths or maybe even some birds to add that festive touch beyond the ordinary!

When it comes to themed weddings and party favors, that everyone will adore, love and cherish, useful and elegant you do not have to spend an arm and a leg. Lots of dollar stores, hobby stores and craft centers, even fabric stores will have lots to choose from to add that special touch to your themed wedding. that are elegant and in keeping with your overall theme and yet can still be useful after the wedding. Good ideas and creative inspiration will characterize your personalizing your wedding day. The choice of a theme will set your imagination on flight – make your dream wedding day come true, now , tomorrow and forever!

Many would argue that choosing the theme
is the easy part (yeah, right?!)

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How To Plan, Coordinate, Execute, ENJOY and ENSURE A Successful Theme Wedding

Is it more than a budgetary thing for you? Do you have a total fascination with theme weddings and what they might offer to you as you plan your special event?
COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You are amongst the most discerning tastes and preferences, elite consumer palettes and couples from around the world, acting for their own best interest, empowered and informed about weddings, budgets, what they want and how to get it.

Learn how to set yourself on track for success and results, with your theme wedding, regardless of its topic, scope, location, budget and issues that you might have or face. Find answers and solutions just right for you.

We undertake to not divulge, sell or give away your personal information to anyone.
From there onward it becomes easier most believe to pull threads together to make the wedding of a lifetime, orchestrate, gel, come together, synergize, coordinate and fall into place. Everything adding its collective and individual splendor and magic to the overall, holistic event.
Cultural undertones, tradition, language, rites, rituals, Scottish or Irish themes, Celtic heritage, A French wedding, or just something you both enjoy, or places, people, worlds you are fascinated by, visit, want to go, cherish, share, bring together, such as country, western or mediaeval fantasies, all become possible. The sky is the limit!
Processes, place, protocol, details and more need to be confirmed and taken care of one by one, to ensure smooth sailing on the day.

  • How far will you take the theme
  • How much are you willing, can you spend on making it real, building this dream location and staging the perfect event
  • What is most, more and least, not important – cut the things you do not need and/or can do without
  • Do not overkill or use to much, as it might seem tacky or overcompensating, indulgent etc.
  • In all you do, spare a thought for your guests as well
  • Be appropriate and considerate, regardless of the theme (would you want to see your grandmother in a hula and a bikini top??) select your dress-code and requirements of/from your guests with the utmost of care – what might sound like a great idea to you, might just terrify your guests to the point of them declining to attend, not show up or not be part of the festivities at all.
    .. and much MORE!
When it comes to cakes, décor and favors for theme weddings, there are lots on offer:
  • Themed wedding cakes, elaborate baking sensations, samples, reputation, decorations can all be done
  • Cake topper, icing or piped flowers, jewels , cut wedding cake in little boxes, netting etc. with the couple’s names, date of the wedding can all be a nice touch, without having to spend too much
  • Miniature versions of the cake, samples and sampling of the menu items, proofs of the prints all cost a little extra, but is worth it, to give you a better idea on how the individual smaller elements will be coming together.

      The theme can also be carried right into and throughout the reception, after-parties, table decorations etc.

Make and have all individual and collective elements, incorporate and accentuate your theme, expand and underline it at every opportunity that you can find.
  • Princess, cinderella theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme – leaves, colors, harvest foods, smells,
  • beach party or night-time, sunset wedding on a remote, isolated beach with a campfire and a few intimate friends
  • butterfly wedding theme
  • summer wedding theme
  • western wedding theme
  • formal, tuxedo-style, black and white wedding theme with sit-down, plated dinner, gowns and the whole nine-yards
  • hawaiian theme wedding
  • winter wedding theme
  • tropical theme wedding
  • asian wedding theme
  • fairy tale wedding theme
  • spring wedding theme
  • Flowers, rose, orchids, lilies or daisy theme wedding
  • Elizabethan wedding theme
  • wedding color and combination type themes
  • tiffany blue wedding theme
  • las vegas theme wedding
  • garden theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme idea
  • calla lily wedding theme
  • angel theme wedding
  • precious moment wedding theme
  • country theme wedding
  • Greek wedding theme
  • halloween theme wedding
  • pink wedding theme
  • prom wedding theme
  • italian wedding theme
  • nautical theme wedding
  • outdoor wedding theme
  • movie wedding theme
  • victorian theme wedding
  • disney wedding theme
  • ocean and water theme wedding
  • holiday or christmas wedding theme
  • irish theme wedding
  • Spanish theme wedding
  • TV show wedding theme
  • Space
  • Under the ocean, sea or in the water, on a boat, cruise-liner
  • Extremes (volcano, skydiving, scuba-diving etc.)

    And more, more and more, even etnic, cultural, popular wedding locations and destinations are all named and discussed.
What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them, the ones you love and cherish and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!
Choices of locations , places, ceremonies, receptions, parties (pre/post) can be daunting a task, overwhelming at best and most of the time, BUT it does not have to be. You need to opt for your theme, type of wedding you want.
GET peace of mind with and for THEMED WEDDINGS - tick ONE MORE THING OFF THE TO DO LIST!
  • Asian: backyard, banquet hall, restaurant, house, resort, conference center, pagoda, temple, and any or every where else, in-between!
  • Beach: backyard, beach, and hall that allows themed weddings
  • Cowboy: local ranch or farm, backyard, parks, local hiking trails
  • Hawaiian: Local beach (get permits), backyard, a nearby recreational space, stadium, hall, park, and even at a lake, stream or river
  • Winter Wonderland: decorated hall or banquet room, backyard, or your local outdoor skating rink

GET YOUR OWN SET OF CUSTOMIZABLE Tips, Recommendations, Practical Advice for Themed Weddings

During the process of getting to and through any dream event , especially a wedding or themed wedding event, you will encounter a mix-bad of planning and activity frenzy, emotions, frustrations, challenges and ‘un-fore-seen’ happening in, between and around you. The latter and obstacles often doubling with a themed wedding, just due to all the complexity and multi-faceted nature you are adding to it.

You need to plan for contingencies (for when things go horribly wrong). Some would argue that themed weddings are risky. There are however arsenals of resources available that can help protect your special wedding day and dream themed wedding. You can make your dreams a reality and your event wonderful, by following a few rules of thumb, etiquette and practical know-how to pull off a successful THEMED WEDDING.


Choosing a theme?
Knowing the budget?

Which one comes first? That is entirely up to you and personal preference and means will most likely dictate, as will whether you are hosting and staging it yourself (DYI) wedding or utilizing the services of a wedding planner or planners, niche specialty providers, packages or customizing it from A to Z. Quality, affordability, themed décor, color, menus and other, might make discussions about financials actually a little easier – especially if things are tight. It is easier to talk about other things that the actual price tag – but if you deal with all these issues in the same unthreatening context, like provided here, many a family will attest to this under-sung and underestimated value of THEME WEDDINGS.

Extravagant or shoe-string and everything in-between and beyond is possible. Some set limits, others go all out and do not care how much they spend or need. This ONE example carries a budget of a meager $ 7,500 dollars all-inclusive for 150 guests! Sounds too good to be true? Stay tuned.

- Marriage Licenses and paperwork
- Donation to Minister or wedding officiate
- Hall Rental, location, destination (church/ceremony location & reception)
- Brides Dress
- Personal care and grooming for the couple and wedding party, Hair and Nails, accessories and final touches
- Groom Tuxedo Rental
- Gratuities for Bridesmaids and Ushers (Optional)
- Caterer
- Cake, Flowers and Centre Pieces
- Photographer, video-grapher, video-diaries, one-shot table-top, disposable cameras etc.
- Décor & Decorations
- Entertainment, Champagne, DRINKS AND BAR
- Limo and ground-transportation
- Favors and Accents

You can go an extremely long way for DREAM WEDDING IDEAS, THEME WEDDINGS… OR NOT VERY FAR AT ALL! JUST A little bit of creativity and resourcefulness in your decorations ideas can make all the difference!


Dream Themed Weddings give you the peace of mind and flexibility to have a PERFECT and GREAT day, despite and regardless of all of the above! When planning your DREAM THEME WEDDING, not all of us have endless means and money at our disposal.

Do price out, itemize and have some contingency funds available for last-minutes things, additions and crisises that might cross your path or you did not plan for.

When it comes to food and theme weddings, you need to pay closer attention to what you are putting on the plates, tables and into the mouths of your guests! It does not have to break or hurt your budget!

Wedding planners and professional niche specialist, themed wedding generalists, know-how artistes are at our disposal. Online planners, software, magazines, books, guides, chats, blogs, brides-to-be forums are all there to help out with making your DREAM THEMED WEDDING come true.

There are many tools and people to rely on as you get ready for and through your dream themed wedding.

Wedding are extra special occasions and for most ONE, if not the important day in their lives. Stress, tension, planning, priorities, details, decisions, confirmations, information, pricing, lists, to do’s, checklists and more all occupy time, energy and efforts. Sometimes it is so easy to start feeling that things are getting out of control, lose your firm grip on what is where, who is coming and who is giving or doing what, that having it all in one convenient spot, like an organizer or wedding software solution on a laptop or mobile is just what the wedding-planner ordered and the bride-to-be needs.

Amidst all the chaos, small touches, favors, theme-related choices, wedding day things to take care of, you can also look at ways to make your life and tasks easier, more fun and smart!



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